Civil Litigation/Lawsuits

Advocating for your legal rights in a court of law

Civil litigation, or a civil lawsuit, is the legal process to resolve non-criminal disputes between individuals, groups, businesses or other organizations and to hold a person or entity liable and to provide compensation for damages from a wrong or harmful act.

Lawyers who specialize in civil litigation will represent a party in a court of law, arbitration or mediation to advocate for his or her legal rights.

Litigation is a difficult area of the law that not only requires great experience and knowledge but a sensitivity to a client’s needs and understanding of what the best strategy is in handling a particular lawsuit. We will listen to you and give you clear legal counsel.

Hood Law P.C. has many years of experience in civil litigation in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. We have represented clients in commercial disputes, personal injury, contract litigation, probate and many other litigation matters.

The attorneys at Hood Law recognize that a lawsuit is a very stressful experience, and we will be personally involved in your case and endeavor to be your advocate throughout the process. We are experienced in the courtroom, knowledgeable and current in the law and have decades of experience in litigation, negotiation, arbitration and mediation.

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